About me …

As an introductory post I thought I’d set out a balance sheet to give you an idea of who I am and where I am coming from.

Assets Liabilites
45 years of life experience
10 year old car
12 string guitar (battered)
Two computers
Affiliate Publishing Business
20 years to retirement
Divorced ex-wife with house etc.
Two grown up kids
Partner who likes to shop in Waitrose
Affiliate Publishing Business

I am in a long term relationship with ‘ma bitch’ although at the moment I am more her bitch as she owns the house and has a full-time income while I am at home desperately trying to make a go of affiliate marketing and expected to do the laundry, cooking etc. since I have foolishly chosen to work next door to the kitchen!

I started affiliate marketing in a light and very part-time way about 8 years ago when I became an Amazon Associate and added AdSense to an academic site of mine (I used to be lecturer).  This earnt me a couple of free books a year (and still does in fact). About 3 years ago I set up a couple of other sites that bought in a few pennies so I moved up to making an average of about 2 pounds a day. I started reading all those ‘make millions in 5 minutes’ eBooks.  As of a year ago, having graduated from eBooks to affiliate marketing and black hat forums and with savings in the bank to support me for about a year, I gave up full-time making money as a programmer and started full-time losing money as an independent affiliate publisher.

At time of writing I have about 50 sites of which only a couple do more than cover costs of hosting, domain registration etc. To give a perspective, in the 4 weeks to christmas I turned over about enough to be able to pay myself minimum wage for that month (ignoring all the overtime I do). To give a further perspective, I’d need to do about four times this a month, every month, to be back at my expected level of earnings.

So that’s me and this is the blog I’ve set up where I plan to make comment, offer advice and perspective, and generally vent my impotent anger and frustration with life, other affiliates, programs and merchants.

So why am I still doing affiliate marketing?  Lets just call it a triumph of optimism over good sense – and a need to make more money in the next 20 years than I could otherwise dream of.

P.S. In case any of you think you used to work with me then:

I was fired from a company in Aylesbury that did not make ‘tellyboxes’ and was staffed by a motley collection of real-ale and traditional music fanatics.

I used to pump gas syringes with Dave and Steve (“No, I’m Brian and so’s my wife”) for a manager who we affectionately knew as “Beaker.”

I worked with Kyoko and Zhou and Mark for a manager who used to come back to the office in the evening to order in chinese takeaways whenever we had a pre-deadline all-nighter on the go. Mark had a company branded sound system that made his smallish front room sound better than the inside of Westminster cathedral.

I worked with Colin and Alan – whose corner of the office included a camp bed,  sleeping bag, microwave, stereo and TV alongside his desk and the pile of pint jugs used to administer his hourly dose of coffee with six sugars (that’s tablespoons, not teaspoons).


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