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RayBan Aviator’s from Red Letter Days

May 28, 2010

nullThanks to Red Letter Days for the cool set of RayBan Aviator’s they sent me as an incentive/bonus. While I am not the world’s biggest fan of Tom Cruise, I’ve wanted a pair of these ever since seeing the movie ‘Top Gun’ at an impressionable age … and since they have always appealed to the childish bit of me that still yearns to be a fighter pilot/secret agent/mysterious in some way, the picture to the left was composed with this in mind.

Of course this is what makes them the ideal bonus gift – these are exactly the sort of thing that a secret part of me has always wanted but I would never have bought for myself. Thanks again!


Why Copyright Thieves are Stupid

May 5, 2010

Aaarrrgghhh! I HATE it when someone steals my content. I particularly hate it when some other commercial site steals content from one of my commercial sites. You would think the scumbags doing this would know better but, of course, they do which is why they are scumbags.

At present, I have a system where on about a weekly basis I do a search for sites publishing my articles (just search for a probably unique, short phrase in quotes) and based on this I add any newly appearing sites to a list in a little application I wrote. This app then scrapes the sites, checks the resource box is intact and if not, does a IP and domain name lookup and composes a nice professional looking DMCA notice on letter head ready for me to send (most people say it has to be on paper but, with the exception of Google, all the hosting providers I’ve dealt with have been willing to act on an e-mail). In the past I have usually then gone to the trouble of looking for a ‘contact us’ form on the site or email the (often fake) contact address on the whois information. Following the absence of response I then issue the DMCA notice to the hosting provider and name registrar concerned and I have to say it usually seems to work – I’ve had several sites that have stolen my content that are now just cyberdust (404 or 500 errors for the entire domains!).

Even so, it’s a hassle, it’s non-productive and I wish people wouldn’t do it!

Why oh why oh why don’t they just include the resource box – for the sake of including 1 whole unadulterated backlink they could save me the trouble of the 2-3 minutes effort it takes to check and send the DMCA notice and them the trouble of having a site that disappears within a couple of weeks of getting into the search engine indexes.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

(Rant over!)