RayBan Aviator’s from Red Letter Days

nullThanks to Red Letter Days for the cool set of RayBan Aviator’s they sent me as an incentive/bonus. While I am not the world’s biggest fan of Tom Cruise, I’ve wanted a pair of these ever since seeing the movie ‘Top Gun’ at an impressionable age … and since they have always appealed to the childish bit of me that still yearns to be a fighter pilot/secret agent/mysterious in some way, the picture to the left was composed with this in mind.

Of course this is what makes them the ideal bonus gift – these are exactly the sort of thing that a secret part of me has always wanted but I would never have bought for myself. Thanks again!


3 Responses to “RayBan Aviator’s from Red Letter Days”

  1. Mansoor Says:

    lol all you need now is a leather jacket..and a Harley..

    • starvingaffiliate Says:

      Hi Mansoor. I’ve never had a Harley but I have the leather jacket and even a proper white silk flying scarf as I used to drive an MG model B and, like most of my fellow MG drivers, I used to dress like I was about to take flight in a Sopwith Camel. Nowadays I doubt it would still fit me and that whole image wouldn’t quite go with the uninspiring family car I now drive, let alone the middle-age spread.

  2. Mansoor Says:

    You have great taste in cars…I always loved model B (I am assuming you had the convertible not the GT?)

    For middle aged people like myself (wrong side of 30…I am 31 now) I still dream of driving an Aston martin when I am behind my honda! lol

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