ArticlesBase goes NOFOLLOW

Don’t know about you but I use a piece of software that keeps track of my articles and website content including checking the article resource box backlinks, so I can take action against anyone who is profiting from my work (I don’t so why should they!)

On the 5th October all my articles on ArticlesBase were fine. On the 13th October it detected that one article on ArticlesBase had gone NOFOLLOW (rel=”nofollow” in the anchor tag) and by the 14th every article I had on ArticleBase was NOFOLLOW.

I emailed ArticlesBase on the 13th when the first NOFOLLOW appeared and received a nice response telling me:

We have taken the ‘nofollow’ action against “bad neighborhood” sites, but unfortunately it affects our good authors as well.

Please publish at least 10 articles on, and drop me a note. We will then review the articles and remove the ‘nofollow’ upon approval.

I hope you find this solution satisfactory.

Well the answer is no, it is not satisfactory – I don’t want my work out there being plagiarised either by this article directory or its users. Note that their terms and conditions of use state that republishers must “keep” live, follow links but not that they must convert the nofollow links to follow, so republishers are now free to republish any ArticlesBase articles with “nofollow” in the links.

So what to do? My initial though was that if I made all my articles draft and then emailed ArticleBase, maybe they would be able to review me on this basis however when you mark an article as draft it saves it as a new draft copy and the existing published article is still available. Since this didn’t work I have now deleted all my articles from ArticlesBase and will be moving these versions to other article directories.

I appreciate ArticlesBase may have a problem that they need to sort out. ArticleSnatch were in the same position a short while ago however they at least had the courtesy to email me to tell me what they were doing. If I didn’t have software to check my articles then I would never have known that ArticlesBase have changed how they operate and their failure to notify me has made all the difference to how much I trust them with my work.

I know it can be argued that its good to have some “nofollow” back links but I actually get plenty of those anyway. I publish articles both for the traffic and for the link love so thanks, ArticlesBase, but no thanks and I’m voting with my feet.


One Response to “ArticlesBase goes NOFOLLOW”

  1. WhiteKnight Says:

    I’ve found out quite recently that I’m happy with any link. Dofollow or nofollow, it’s all good for me and I actually am convinced now that a healthy link profile will include a good mix of dos and nos in it. I can see that you know this so I won’t play devil’s advocate with that discussion point cos I can tell you’re not buying it 🙂

    …but one thing I did notice myself with ArticlesBase is that their articles do get pulled out and into auto blogs by OTHER people who don’t have nofollow on the links.

    If anything, it may be worth keeping them there and giving your articles the chance for wider distribution via this channel?

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