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Where is my eye-tracking KM switch?

October 4, 2010

For those that don’t know, a KVM switch is a device that allows you to switch a single keyboard, mouse and monitor setup between several computers. Really useful when you have a whole load of computers and you only need to connect to one at a time, such as a bank of webserver blades.

My setup is a little different. I have three computers that sit on or under my desk, each of which is attached to one or more monitors, all of which I want to be able to see at once. One machine is my product database server which also has Outlook open with my emails appearing, another is my source code repository and also has my RSS reader and Skype connection, while another is my development and main productivity machine with a couple of screens.

This means my desktop is cluttered with three mice (mouses?) and three keyboards, which regularly get swapped around and in a tangle. More than once I have been looking at one screen, started typing and then discovered that I have just managed to type the text of an email into the source code of a VB.NET class.

What I need is a switch which connects to a single keyboard and mouse, and then to all three (or more) machines, which then monitors my eye movements so as I look at a screen, the keyboard and mouse connect to the relevent PC.

I would develop this myself but I am only a humble cutter of code and occasionally malnourished affiliate marketer, so I put the idea out there in the hope that someone will run with it and just maybe, in a couple of years, I might be able to buy exactly what I need.

Of course if you do run with this idea and manage to produce something WONDERFUL then please don’t hesitate to send me one as a thank you gift for the idea (not to mention a token 1% share in your soon-to-be market leading company).